Think you never win anything? I totally get it. I work in radio so I can NEVER win anything we're giving away of course, so I live through the excitement of watching other people win, but about a month ago, that all changed.

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I love salmon. I noticed that Westside Liquor in Waite Park had a contest going on with Alaskan Brewing Company. You just had to text YES77 for a chance to win.

I thought; I'm going to win this. We eat so much salmon at my house, I knew this contest was for me. My kids love it, I love it, even my cats and dog love it. So I texted YES77 just about every day for a month, until I forgot about it.

Then out of the blue, on August 16th, I received a text that read:
Congratulations! You've won a salmon feast from Alaskan Brewing. Please email us within 48 hours to claim your prize.

I was so excited! I called one of my friends and told them about my big grand prize. The first thing they said to me was, "Kelly...are you SURE you didn't get scammed? That sounds really 'scammy' to me."

Well...what doesn't sound scammy these days. I was beginning to wonder if I really would get this wonderful prize. I contacted Alaskan Brewing, and they said someone would contact me in a couple days. I didn't hear anything back from them for over a week, so I started thinking that maybe my friend was right.

What really happened is that the person in charge was on vacation for a week, so they contacted me a week later.  I received another email from FED EX that said an overnight shipment was on it's way, and that it would be delivered by noon the next day.

Sure enough, I came home from work and saw this package on my front step.

Kelly Cordes

No scam! It arrived. I couldn't wait to open up my package. Fresh salmon from Juneau Alaska! Yes!

Kelly Cordes

I opened the package, which contained a book for salmon recipes, an order form and directions for proper storage.

Kelly Cordes

There were 10 Silver Salmon cuts, from Jerry's Meats & Seafood, freshly packaged from Juneau, Alaska!  All perfectly packaged that weighed between 12 to 20 ounces per package.

Kelly Cordes

My freezer is full of beautiful, delicious salmon. This was a real treat for my family. If they were hoping someone that loves salmon would win, they found the family that does.

Kelly Cordes

I didn't waste anytime in putting a couple of these beautiful cuts in the oven to bake. Thank you Alaskan Brewing Company and Westside Liquor in Waite park, and of course Jerry's Meats & Seafood in Alaska.

So think you never win anything? You never know. We've been giving away Dream Getaways and 56 people in central Minnesota have already won. We are currently giving away Dream Getaway 56. Believe it. It's real. You really can win. Good luck.


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