Owner beware! It appears that car thieves are targeting certain makes of vehicles right now in Minnesota as they are known amongst thieves as being easier to steal. So if you drive a KIA or Hyundai, you might want to add another layer of protection for your ride.

KMSP-TV last night ran a story on the uptick of stolen KIA's and Hyundai's.

The makes and models, of certain years, are said to be easier to steal as they are 'easier to start without a key'.

According to Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher, two-thirds of Milwaukee's stolen cars are either KIA's or Hyundai's.

Apparently, these two car makes, in certain years,

While these two makes of vehicles are seeing an uptick in car theft, it doesn't mean that other makes and models aren't being targeted by car thieves as more often than not these are crimes of opportunity rather than well-thought-out actions.

So how do you prevent your car, whatever the model is, from being stolen? Well, many experts recommend a relatively low-tech solution. A steering wheel lock, AKA The Club, prevents someone from unlocking your steering wheel, and starting your car, and simply driving off.

Other ways to make your vehicle less of a target would be to:

  • Lock your doors
  • Take the keys out of the car
  • Be alert
  • Take valuables out of your car
  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit area outside, or better yet inside of a locked garage

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