We haven't been to the fair in a few years.  Last year we didn't do that because of obvious reasons, there wasn't one because of the pandemic and I wasn't about to do that drive through thingy.  And the year before we just didn't have a day that worked out to go.  So this year, we are going!  Doing a weekday thing when it's less busy (supposedly) and just going to not worry about any of the stuff that people say they are worried about.  I feel like when you do that you might be missing out on life.  But that's me.  You do you.

There are some things that I feel are absolute "musts" when taking in the Great Minnesota Get-Together, or as they say this year, the "get back together".


Cheese curds are available all over the fairgrounds from different vendors.  But you will not find better ones than the ones in the food building.  They are the "Mouse" ones as I've heard people say.  You can choose from several sizes and they are to die for delicious.  We aren't worrying about calories here, people.  It's the FAIR!

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Again, you can get ice cream all over the fairgrounds.  But it is the BEST in the dairy building.  That's the one where they also carve up those butter sculptures.  That's kind of fun to watch.  And what do the people who get those (diary princesses) do with them?  Anyway, you are probably going to wait in a line for the delicious shake or cone, but it's totally worth it.


I know... it's corn on the cob... it get stuck in your teeth.  I used to avoid this because of that reason.  And had heard from so many people about how good it is. But I didn't want to deal with corn in my teeth.  BUT- it is the BEST!  Add a little parm cheese on that ear and wow, it's SO good, and the char on the corn is just the perfect amount of yumminess.  This stand is located right near the Grandstand, which brings me to my next awesome thing...


The grandstand is something you also need to do.  I'm not talking about the shows, althought those are great, I mean the vendors inside the grandstand.  There are two levels of the craziest gadgets, demonstrations, food items, knick knacks, and "I have no idea why I need this, but I do" items.  The one drawback is that it is really warm in there, so plan for that, go as early as possible.  But you HAVE to take in the grandstand vendors.


We always walk through all of the animal barns.  The little animals are the cutest, you get to see the big pig, always a must, and I love seeing the horses and the horse shows.  It's amazing what these horses are trained to do.  They are beautiful animals and so majestic.  I love walking through all of the animal barns, and sometimes you can pet them too... bring hand sanitizer.

Just have a great time at the Fair- there are more things to do at that fair, but these are my top 5.

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