I've heard Paul Bunyan stories ever since I was a kid and I always thought he was a Minnesota legend.  It turns out other states want recognition for him, plus there's a whole bunch of other stuff I never knew until now.

I was pretty intrigued by Paul Bunyan as a kid, especially after we made a few trips to Paul Bunyan Land in Brainerd.  These days, I still think he's pretty cool but I realized I know very little about him.

Newscastic put together an article on facts everyone should know about Paul and I figured that new almost none of them.  However, there were a few that I found interesting. For example, this article claims the legend most likely started in Canada, which is something I never thought about much less knew.

Paul apparently created Mount Hood in Oregon, so he was a bit of a traveler and Babe's color supposedly came from the snow one bitterly cold winter.

I don't know where these 'facts' stem from but it makes Paul Bunyan's legend much more interesting and exciting.  It also makes me want to be a kid again riding the roller coaster at Paul Bunyan Land.  The park, much like the legend, was magical.


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