It all started back in 2017 when a kid asked the Wendy's Twitter account how many retweets for free chicken nuggets. Now the whole world thinks they can slide into the DM's of whatever organization they want and get something in exchange for retweets. The hashtag #NuggsForCarter ended up being retweeted over 18 million times, and ultimately worked out well in Wendy's favor. But now everyone and their followers are trying to do the same thing, and people are asking the Minnesota Timberwolves organization for free signed merchandise in exchange for something being retweeted.

People are asking for signed Kat and Jimmy Butler jerseys, posters, court-side seats, even season tickets! What happened to going out, earning a buck, and working to have nice things? Or saving up and splurging on court-side seats for a game? Now it is suddenly OK to just ask for those things?! If this is the new normal, it might take a while for me to adjust. Have you ever got something free just for asking? Share it in the comments below!


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