I know what you're going to say. Kelly; this is a no brainer.   This is just a part of being a homeowner....sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do.

I went out to get some items from my shed the other day; and somehow, this little tiny mouse was running around in there!  The door to that shed hasn't been opened for two weeks! How the heck did it get in there? And if ONE is in there; that means there WILL be more. So I know that if I don't do something, they will take over. As I'm writing this; I completely understand what I have to do.


I went to Menard's; I went to the section for traps and poison. As I was looking at all the options, I thought long and hard about what to do. I looked at LIVE traps.  Two problems;  I'll go to all the trouble of trapping this mouse; and it will come right back to my shed, because; well...because...that's what they do. They don't understand I'm trying to get them to leave. They will stay at all costs.


So then I looked at the traditional traps. I'm not very coordinated at putting peanut butter or cheese on a mouse trap. I usually do a really good job at catching myself.  But I'm thinking to myself....this will be fast...they won't know what hit them. Who am I kidding! How many times did you hear them trying to get out of the traps when you were a kid. It was a horrifying sound.

PLUS: I can't afford to hurt ANOTHER finger. (It's hard to play piano without all your digits functioning properly).


This sounds horrifying. This is what I've always done in the past; because I just can't get traps set; and I can't even pick up a LIVE trap. If the mouse moves in the trap, I'll drop it and it'll be right back in the shed. But I can't stand to think of the little things suffering!

Now...You either get what I'm saying' or you don't. I know! But I can't help it! I don't even like to kill bugs...I don't particularly like bugs...but the only ones I don't have a problem with are ticks and mosquitoes...That makes no sense right.

I finally ended up buying some mouse poison, but I just hate that I have to use it. I don't want to hurt the little things; but I guess if it's my house or theirs; I have to draw the line somewhere. I'm sorry little mouse.

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