That looks pretty good, doesn't it? I mean, all it needs is some special sauce and you'll have a Minnesota hotdish.

Kelly Cordes
Kelly Cordes

Except I didn't make it for me, or my kids. I made this for my dog Gloria. Gloria knows it too. She absolutely loves being able to eat food that's not out of a can. Unfortunately, that's not really the reason I made her this special dog recipe. I made it because she's on special food for dogs, and I can't get it. I have a subscription to this prescription dog food, but unfortunately, because of the shipping issues around the world, I'm not able to get it.

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It's not just my dog food. My cat food, which is also a special prescription blend, I order from a different special pet food company. I received information the other day that my subscription service was unable to deliver the cat food in cans or dry formula. So good luck with that one.

Photo by Kelly Cordes
Photo by Kelly Cordes

I've been looking for alternatives for my cats and found a brand that is reasonably priced at Petco that I've been using called, Origin, which is supposed to be made with 85% Premium Animal Ingredients,wild-caught herring, free-range chickens, free-range turkeys, and wild-caught Flounder.  Acana was another brand that was recommended. But what if your pet can't have chicken? I've got one cat that likes canned food. Do I need to make cat food too? I've never tried this yet.

If your dog or cat, or other critter needs a special diet, talk to them before you make your own food, to make sure you've got the nutrients measured out properly, and to make sure you are not using ingredients that your pet can't have, or that might actually be toxic to pets.

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