I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Lucille Bates, owner of The Studio, in downtown St. Cloud. I've been in this beautiful studio when it was called "Studio Jeff" where you could sign up to take dancing lessons and enjoy dance classes on the weekends. It's a beautiful building and wonderful dance floor.

You can listen to my interview with Lucille by clicking on the Player below.

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Photo by Lucille Bates

Lucille decided to take over the space recently, and turn it into a creative space for more than just dance. She has the studio available for rent per hour to artists of all kinds, whether it be dancers, painters, musicians, or other. She saw the need for all the creative energy and individuals that live and create in St. Cloud, and she also loves the beauty of downtown St. Cloud.  When she heard that Studio Jeff was closing, she couldn't bear to let this space go. As a Dancer herself, she is hoping that the art community will take advantage of the low hourly rental rates, and utilize the facility.

Photo by Lucille Bates

The space is available every day of the week, mostly between the hours of 10am to 7 pm. Exceptions can be made. Lucille does all the bookings for the space, and hopes that use of the space will grow with time. There are so many possibilities. Artists will be able to have showings of their artwork, as Lucille already has all the equipment needed to display art. Musicians can schedule small concert performances, poets can have a place to share their poetry...It truly can be as creative as people want to make it.

If you would like more information about The Studio, you can visit Lucille's webpage, www.thestudio-stcloudmn.com. It is a simple yet elegant space of approximately 1,000 square feet for classes, exhibitions, rehearsals and meetings.


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