Ok, I'll admit -- I'm the first to complain when I get bad service; and that's exactly what I expected when I needed to call the IRS on April 15th to get and answer to some questions, and to set up a payment plan. Guess who was pleasantly surprised?

Hello, this is Ms. Dobson, my agent number is blah, blah, blah. Guess what? Ms. Dobson kicked ass!

From top to bottom I received nothing but happy, pleasant, helpful, quick, and fun help from a fun IRS agent on what had to be their most painfully busy day of the year. Wait, did I just say 'fun' help from an IRS agent. Yep. I did. It was awesome, and I got just what I was looking for. (Words I never thought I would use to describe any interaction with the government.)

Had to mention it. Thanks Ms. Dobson. You rock!

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