Many of us are getting calls telling us we're being sought by the IRS, and to call them back. It's what happened to Officer Kyle Roder, who recorded the call back.

I'll be honest, the voicemail is creepy sounding. You want to avoid taking it seriously, but there's something that makes you wonder "what if I'm really in trouble!?!?!" many people call back. This is what you shouldn't do, ever.


If you watch the video, Officer Roder does a great job of asking the questions, and responding exactly how we should if we are unsure of the legitimacy of a caller.

The IRS will not call you out of the blue, unless you prompted the original call. They will not threaten to sue you either. They have their own ways of collecting debt and send out plenty of US Mail when they do that.

We found a great story from a couple years ago. Same scam, same advice...from a tax professional:

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