I ran into a study today from Australia that says that leaving parties without saying goodbye will save you 2 days per year.  Remember, this is a study from Australia.  I'm willing to bet they've never endured been a part of a "Minnesota Goodbye".

Photo by Canva
Photo by Canva

Here in Minnesota if you skipped saying goodbye **gasp** and just snuck out the backdoor, my unscientific guess is that you would save at least a week every year if not more. There are stages to a Minnesota Goodbye.  I didn't fully realize this until I left Minnesota and lived on the the West Coast for many years.

So lets take a look at the stages of a Minnesota Goodbye.  Then see if you agree that we could get a LOT of time back without these goodbyes.  Of course, it can be a little different for everyone, but basically this is it.

  1. You decide it's time to leave:  You find the host couple and tell them you're leaving.  The host couple thanks you for coming.
  2. Hugging time:  You make your way around the room saying goodbye and hugging the other attendees.
  3. Still leaving: Conversations come up at each hug.  Typical question, when are we getting together again?
  4. Leftovers: The hosts will offer you leftovers.  You most likely brought a dish of something so you're in the kitchen grabbing that.  Now your 'Minnesota Nice' takes over, it's rude to say no to leftovers, right?  So more time spent dishing up leftovers.
  5. Entryway Chat: You made it to the door!  Your coat is on, the car is warming up, there is weather talk.
  6. Seriously, it's time to go:  You say, "Whelp! (we Minnesotans all say this!) we better go":  Now it's serious, it's time to go.  But now you've been there so long since you're first goodbye, that you have to hug and say goodbye again.
  7. Thanks again: You thank the hosts again.  You're turning to head out the door.  Someone will inevitably tell you to watch for deer when driving. There'll be a few 'tell your folks I says Hi'.
  8. You're stepping out the door:  You can't leave without suggesting another meet up again soon!  Discussion ensues...
  9. Truly leaving:  Remember when you started your car 30 minutes ago?  Yeah, it's time to leave!
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Now run, don't walk or you may not escape!  But escaping without a goodbye means setting aside your "Minnesota Nice", but that's a subject for another time.  It's funny because it's true.  Australia has nothing on Minnesota's goodbyes.

H/T to WanderLustInRealLife and Strong Towns

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