The holiday season means it's time to figure out ways of being in the same room as your relatives without having to actually interact with them. Yay, technology!

You can pay for streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, and a perk of joining Amazon Prime is access to the streaming service. But what if you're an absolute broke DJ cheapskate thrifter? Is "thrifter" a word? It is now!

YouTube has your back.

The anarchic video wasteland has millions of videos about everything to watch for free (with plenty of ads that periodically pop up), and they've recently added actual movies to their lineup.

You can watch movies for FREE, as long as you can sit through some ads. It's like TV, but on your tablet/phone!

The selection isn't terrible, either: Rocky, The Terminator, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Legally Blonde...all at least okay movies. Just watch a few ads here and there, and you've got oodles of distraction!

YouTube is already talking about getting sponsorship so people can watch new releases for free. It's an interesting (and free!) thing to keep an eye on.

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