Just who is Dr. Shannon Klingman, the creator of the popular Lume line of products that can stop the stench of the stinkiest people on the planet? Of all places, I was shocked to learn that she's a Minnesota gal! Of course, she is! I should have known. She talks about gross things in a 'Minnesota Nice' way.

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Lume Deodorant/Youtube
Lume Deodorant/Youtube


I found an article dated back to February 20th of 2018 from WCCO written by Ali Lucia.
The article says that Shannon Klingman, a Chaska, Minnesota mother, spent the first part of her medical career as an OB/GYN, but about 10 years earlier, had decided that she wanted to stay at home with her family of four.

At home in her kitchen, she started working on formulas to help stop body odor. According to the article, she filed a patent for Lume in the year 2007, but after being rejected many times, she just kept on working at it until she finally received approval of her product. "We are approaching odor control in a whole different way. It's based on science and we didn't want to release the product without that patented protection," Shannon said.


Another article dated as Updated on October 9th, 2023 from goodhousekeeping.com, created their 'Best Deodorant' list for women, with pros and cons for each deodorant featured. Lume was listed as their number 12 favorite, with the pros that Lume can be used all over the entire body and provides lasting odor protection, with the con that was that it wasn't an antiperspirant.

Lume Deodorant/Youtube


I guess I'm not sure how I feel about Lume, but I can tell you that the commercial has been catching people's attention. It goes places (no pun intended) that some of us having lunch don't care to go while we're scarfing down our sandwich before heading back to work. Stinky Buttcrack, Pits, Underboob & Feet. Yep. That commercial. All the things you don't want to think about while you're eating your lunch.

It's brilliant, isn't it? Everyone is talking about Lume; not because of the name of the product, or how amazing it may be. We are talking about it because the commercial has been so successful in making us all paranoid. Everyone I have talked to jokes about it, and at the same time agrees that they never really thought about smelling so terribly until seeing and hearing these ads. On top of that, I feel like you can't escape it. Everywhere I turn, Lume is watching. Do I feel like I need to try Lume? At this point, who doesn't?! I don't even have a bad sweat problem! But if the rest of the world is going to smell perfect, I want to join the crowd!


How do you feel about the Lume ads? Have you tried Lume? Do you agree that people just smell? (Outside of not taking a bath or showering?)

Hats off to this Minnesota woman standing behind her product. She's got everyone's attention, and although I hope she has great success with the product she's worked so hard on, I do hope that the future of Lume takes a turn away from the stenchy commercials or at least finds a different time of day to talk about stinky body parts.

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