I recently met a man who considers himself an amateur photographer, but after seeing these amazing photos, and many more that he has on his personal website, I'm in awe.

Chris Whitty from Canada has pictures of something we don't see here in the US every day; pictures of a white loon! I don't think folks in Canada are used to seeing white loons either.

Chris Whitty & Family/Photo by Chris Whitty
Chris Whitty & Family/Photo by Chris Whitty


Kelly: "Chris, when was the first time you saw this white loon?"

Chris: "I had first seen the white loon on a local lake about four years ago, and very briefly.  I am an amateur photographer, located in the interior of BC in western Canada.  I like to take my camera out in my kayak on the local lakes and see what I can find.

I really enjoy watching and capturing loon behavior, and when I came upon this white one, I was confused and excited...but then I never crossed paths with it again.... until this... about ten days ago."

If you'd like to see more of Chris Whitty's works, click HERE!  You can own your very own copy of one of Chris's many unbelievable photos.

Chris Whitty
Chris Whitty Family- Photo by Chris Whitty


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