I've been trying to cook at home every night lately because it's cheaper and healthier. But, there's definitely a learning curve at the grocery store.

I was out buying chicken the other night and saw that there was a frozen bag of chicken breasts that read "chicken rib meat." I was so confused because I thought that there was parts of pork ribs in the chicken meat. I went to the butcher and asked him why that was. He laughed and told me that the meat was cut from the chicken's ribs. I felt so stupid.

The next time I went to the grocery store I was on the hunt for an item on my ingredients list. The recipe called for "whipped cream separated." I sent my boyfriend to the frozen foods section and told him to get whipped cream separated. He brought back regular whipped topping. So, I sent him back to the isle to get the separated kind. He was there for a good ten minutes before I went over to help him find it. He Googled "whipped cream separated" and realized that the term separated actually means that it's used in the recipe multiple times. Again, we felt so stupid.

It's definitely a learning process but all in all I have saved more money, feel a lot healthier, I've learned a thing or two, lost some weight and I waste less food every week.

What were some of the terms that confused you when you first started cooking for yourself?