There's hardly anything cuter than a spring chick and my daughter and I are kind of obsessed with them right now. Grab your sprinkles and join us. 

Cake Balls are super popular right now but we (and I mean me because, seriously, cooking with a three-year-old is hard enough) wanted something easier. So, here's a neat trick - smash a package of wafer cookies into bits and mix it in a bowl with half a 8 ounce package of cream cheese. Your hands work the best. Actually, three-year-old hands work the best and she totally dug it.

Roll this mixture into balls and refrigerate. Meanwhile, melt some yellow candy coating (I got mine at Michael's) and grab some chocolate sprinkles and something for your beak and comb. Red star sprinkles would work really great but I didn't have any so I used orange mini-chip sprinkles for the beak and the comb is actually an upside-down elephant sprinkle.

Now, dip your wafer cookie balls in the melted candy coating and immediately (before it sets up) put your chickie's face on. Applying the sprinkles is a little tricky but a tweezers helps a lot.

Don't worry about perfection, each chick is unique and they'll just end up in your belly anyway. Plus, your belly thinks they're super cute.

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