Today is National Cheese Lovers Day, which surprisingly hasn't been made into a government holiday in Wisconsin. To 'celebrate', results of a cheese-loving survey have been released via Zippia.

Here is what Minnesota and the neighboring states picked as their favorite cheeses:

Minnesota: Swiss

Wisconsin: Swiss

North Dakota: Colby

South Dakota: String cheese

Iowa: Velveeta

I haven't been able to eat any cheese for a couple of years now, as I developed a really fun ~*aDulT DaiRy alLerGy*~.

It's been truly awful. I could eat cheese for 23 years, and suddenly it was taken away from me so I totally know what I'm missing out on. I'd kill to enjoy a cheap frozen pizza again.

For everyone like me who is dealing with a dairy allergy in the Midwest, first of all, we are in this together. I know how hard this is to navigate. Second of all here is what I've been liking lately as cheese alternatives:

1. Daiya Cheese Sauce - This is the closest thing I have found to a "nacho cheese" or Velveeta cheese sauce for pouring over pasta

2. Tofutti Cream Cheese - Good enough flavor and texture to pass as cream cheese.

3. Tofutti Dairy Free American Cheese Slices - Closest I can get to Kraft singles. Plus these actually melt unlike a lot of fake cheeses.

4. Follow Your Heart 'Mozzarella' Slices - This doesn't melt like a true mozzarella, but the flavor is what you'd like it to be.

5. Nutritional Yeast - If you need cheese flavor but don't feel like having an allergic reaction, reach for the Nutritional Yeast. I use it to enhance the cheese flavor of my cheese sauces.

I've found all these things except the Nurtirional yeast on shelves at area Coborn's stores. Luckily for us, alternatives have been a lot easier to come by than they have in the past.

Hope this helps. Happy National Cheese Lovers Day.

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