Bass guitar. (Typically) 2/3 the number of strings of - yet a lot bigger than - a standard guitar. Anybody who says that bass guitar is easier to play than regular guitar is a damn fool THERE I SAID IT.

Julien's Auctions celebrated the 20th anniversary as "the leading rock 'n' roll memorabilia auction house" by opening "The Collection of Dusty Hill of ZZ Top" auction on Thursday, December 7th. It included custom stage wardrobe, gear, and more.

The prize of the first night (there was a LOT of stuff to auction off) was Hill's prized 1953 Fender Precision bass.

Glastonbury Festival 2016 - Day 1
This guy (Getty Images)

It was Dusty's most-played instrument, and sold for $393,700, placing it 2nd all-time behind Paul McCartney's Yamaha BB-1200 bass and Bill Wyman's Fender Mustang bass. Hill's widow - Charlene - commented: "Dusty would be so pleased to know his bass is between a Beatle and a Rolling Stone!"

Other iconic items from Hill's collection sold to rich people include:

  • Dusty Hill's fur bass from ZZ Top's "Legs" music video
  • The 2000s Bolin Telecaster-style bass with a custom finish by Elwood Francis featured in the "I Gotsta Get Paid" music video
  • the MTV Moonman "Best Group Video" statuette for ZZ Top's "Legs" music video
  • the custom sky blue wool suit jacket Hill wore on the cover of ZZ Top's "Fandango!" album

It was a 3-day event of getting rid of Dusty's sh*t auctioning off the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer's prized collection, with a portion of the proceeds going to MusiCares, which offers preventative, emergency, and recovery services for musicians.

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