How big was that pumpkin? Growing pumpkins isn't always easy. Growing giant pumpkins can be even more difficult, but where there's a contest, there is the will to do it. The University of Minnesota Extension and The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum had two giant pumpkins this year, and Audrey was big enough for competition, weighing in at just over 591 pounds. Now that's a pumpkin!
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Seymour was the second pumpkin that the University of Minnesota Extension grew, weighing in at approximately 362 pounds.

The winners of the giant pumpkin contest have been announced and are as follows:

Coming in First Place:

James Magneson from New London, Minnesota with a pumpkin that weighed in at 1676.5 Pounds

Coming in Second Place:

Ben Rhodes from Blaine, Minnesota with a pumpkin that weighed in at 1000.5 pounds

Coming in Third Place:

Ron Lieske of Henderson, Minnesota with a pumpkin that weighed  878.5 pounds

Coming in Fourth Place:

Alexander Bogie from Ham Lake, Minnesota with a pumpkin that weighed 795.5 pounds

Coming in Fifth Place: AUDREY!!!!!

Julie Weisenhorn from Chasaka, Minnesota with Audrey who weighed in at 591.5 pounds

Coming in Sixth Place:

Nate Zachemeier from Blaine, Minnesota had a pumpkin that weighed  519 pounds

Coming in Seventh Place:

Nick Decker from Minnetonka, Minnesota with a pumpkin that weighed 430.5 pounds


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