The MN Cup is organized by The University of Minnesota and is available to any early stage start up founder in the state, and it's time now to register. It has become a great first step for launching a new business, and offers free mentorship, education, promotional opportunities for the start-up and see funding for those that advance.

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The competition is free to enter, and you will have until Friday, April 16th to get your application in to be considered for the opportunity. This will be the 17th season of the MN Cup, and is here to connect current and aspiring Minnesota entrepreneurs with the tools they need to become successful.

You do not need to have an entity formed or be earning revenue to apply - all Minnesotans and Minnesota-based businesses earning less than $1Million dollars in annual revenue are eligible. MN Cup plans to award at least $400,000 this season.

The MN Cup is for anyone in any industry. The whole purpose of the program is to help start-up businesses to become successful and change our state for the better. If you think you have the next great business idea, and you would like help in turning your big idea into reality, click HERE to apply now.


Why go through the process if you aren't going to lay it all out on the line? Here are some pro tips for you to make sure your ideas get noticed in your application.

  • Paint the picture: Have a well written plan that is easy to read and understand when telling your story.
  • Explain the challenges you've run across and how you managed a way around the difficulties.
  • Find a way to take a break through idea and a team that can bring it to life.
  • Show how you believe you have a viable business and a great team that can make it all become successful.
  • Think like an Investor.

For more great ideas, and to get started today, click HERE. Good luck!


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