I've been trying to eat healthy meals that everyone in my house will enjoy. I stopped by Coborn's yesterday, and talked with a very educated man in the meat department. I've never worked with Tuna before, and so I asked for some cooking tips, and thought I'd try it out.


Tuna can taste just like a big juicy steak! The key is to NOT overcook it, and it's a super fast meal to cook.  Sear the steak in Canola or Olive oil on a high heat, for a couple minutes on each side. I took the two steaks that I bought, sprinkled them with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and red peppers. Then after initial searing, continued searing by flipping the steak every minute, until it was tender enough to cut in halves again. I reduced the heat, and proceeded to flip the steaks every minute until they were gray in color, with a barely pink center per the meat specialists instructions.

I then let them sit in the pan for a couple minutes while a prepared a spinach salad, sprinkled with chopped white onions, crumbled mushrooms, and chopped red peppers. I then added just a sprinkle of shredded cheese, and topped the salad with two chunks of the hearty tuna steak. (My portion for myself was slightly smaller and had no cheese).

I then cut up one apple and put half a slice on each plate prepared. I also prepared a dill dip with 1/2 cup of real mayo, a squirt of lemon juice, and a sprinkle of dill weed.  Stirred, chilled and served on the side.


I purchased two steaks and still have enough for tonight's supper. My guess is you could comfortably serve 6 for one meal with two steaks.

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