Travis Gienger from Anoka, grew a massive pumpkin this year; as a matter of fact, it was North America's largest pumpkin by weight and size this season. It has now been carved into the world's largest Jack-O-Lantern.

The pumpkin weighs in at 2560 pounds (before it was carved, I'm assuming).

The Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off was in Half Moon Bay, California, where they announced two-time winner Travis Gienger of Anoka as this year's Pumpkin King. His 2,560-pound Gourd set a new North American Record on its way to taking first place. Watch this time-lapse video on its amazing transformation from pumpkin to Jack-O-Lantern.

Gienger drove the gourd for 35 hours to get to the championship taking place in Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco.

Gienger also broke a record set in New York where a grower raised a massive pumpkin weighing 2,554 pounds.

Safeway World Championship via Facebook
Safeway World Championship via Facebook
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The website, says you can grow a massive pumpkin with just a small seed. The best for growing giant pumpkins? They suggest you buy 'Dills Atlantic Giant' seeds, and without even trying, you'll grow a huge pumpkin.

It might not be THE biggest pumpkin in the world without a bit of tender loving care, but if you are just out to wow your kids or grandkids with a giant 400-pound pumpkin, you might want to try it.

The site says to give the pumpkins about 130 days to mature, which means...yeah...that might not be possible here in Minnesota. You could still grow a pretty darn big pumpkin though.

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