World Mental Health Day was October 10th.  Kevin Hines is using his story of survival to help all of those families dealing with the loss of a loved one to suicide and mental illness, and to those who have been lucky enough to have a second chance with their loved one...The importance of getting help from depression.


This is a sobering look at how a person feels when we ignore the signs of mental illness. Sometimes those signs are difficult to see. The individual doesn't want to burden their loved ones; and feels out of control.

Death is not what people want; what they really want is...relief.  Suicide doesn't offer the relief that these individuals are looking for. They aren't always thinking about what will happen to those they leave behind...They just need to stop the pain. As Kevin said, once his hands left the rail of the Golden Gate Bridge, he didn't want to die. It was a miracle he survived.

Although I don't want to publicly speak about a loved one of mine, this hits very close to my heart. I realize how lucky I am to have a second chance with my loved one. DO YOU?  Check for the signs. The things you think could never happen to you and those you love; can.

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