A woman from Minnesota had a luxurious run with her sugar daddy, in excess of $11 million. She now may be stuck with him as his wife is now suing after 55 years of marriage.

Charles Barry, a resident of Florida with his wife of 55 years, is now facing divorce papers and a hefty lawsuit from his soon to be ex-wife.

Melanie Barry discovered her husband was having a long-term affair with a woman from Orono, Minnesota, and when she confronted her husband about how much he's spent on his mistress, he admitted it to be nearly $11 million dollars over the years. She believes it to be double what he's claiming.

Included in the list of pampering that Charles Barry did for the Orono woman is - multiple homes worth almost $3 million, private jet trips, horses, jewelry, life insurance policies, luxury cars, living expenses, and legal bills for her and her daughters.

Melanie Barry was battling Parkinson's Disease and other health issues when the affair started. She's suing to halt anymore transfers of assets, and seeking $75,000 in damages from all defendants.

Source: KSTP

Of course, we have to ask the question to our Minnesota ladies...

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