If you've ever been a customer of TCF Bank you may know how 'overdraft fee' happy they can be. It's the reason I left the bank a few years ago, so this doesn't surprise me.

A lot of people live paycheck-to-paycheck and these fees can be devastating. I've been there, with TCF, and it can go bad very quickly. There's a thing called "opt-in" regarding overdraft fees, and that's what's got the feds suing.

A 2010 rule made bank customers have to opt-in to receive overdraft fees on certain ATM withdrawals and some debit cards. TCF is being accused of deceiving customers by associating the opt-in overdraft fee with mandatory requirements causing account holders to accept the optional fees at rates much higher than other financial institutions.

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau also found that TCF would offer bonuses to employees for signing up high amounts of opt-ins from customers. TCF has a rate that's 3 times higher than average compared to other banks.

It'll be interesting to see if TCF will be required to pay back those who fell to these $35 overdraft fees. If they are required to pay them back, I'd hope it would include interest that was earned on those funds. We'll see what happens.

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