SInce we, in Stearns county and the surrounding area in Minnesota have loosened the COVID restrictions, the percentages of people that are unvaccinated and testing positive has begun to rise again.

According to a study reported on by the New York Times as a COVID tracker, Stearns county is moving at a rate of about 27 cases per day.  This is over a 300% increase in cases over the last couple of weeks.

An average of 27 cases per day were reported in Stearns County, a 345 percent increase from the average two weeks ago. Since the beginning of the pandemic, at least 1 in 7 residents have been infected, a total of 22,951 reported cases. Right now, Stearns County is at a very high risk for unvaccinated people.

Compared to November of 2020, which was the worst month for COVID cases in Stearns County.  And if you look at these statistics, you will see that hospitalizations have gone up recently, but the amount of deaths from COVID have remained about the same. Meaning that most people are coming through to the other side of their infection from the virus.

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The CDC is also saying that if you have been fully vaccinated, your risk of getting sick, or getting seriously sick is much lower than if you haven't been vaccinated.  Although keep in mind that no vaccine is 100% effective.  Meaning that there have been some breakthrough cases, but the chance of that is a lot lower than if a person has not had the vaccine.  And if you do get sick, the chance of it being serious or fatal is also lower than if a person has not been vaccinated.

The CDC also recommeds that even vaccinated people wear a mask indoors and also in high risk areas.

Live Nation, major concert and event promoter, is recommending that bands and venues require vaccinations for attendees.  They are saying that it worked for Lalapalooza in Chicago, where 90% of people were vaccinated before attending the festival.

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