U.S. Bank Stadium opened in 2016 in downtown Minneapolis where the Metrodome once sat.  The state's portion of the building was funded in part by e-pull tabs.  State Representative Tim O'Driscoll played a role in pushing and successfully passing the state's funding for the building.  He says because of the popularity of 3-pull tabs in the state.

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O'Driscoll explains the state issued 30 year bonds but after 10 years the state can pay off all the remaining bonds. He says the state is looking at doing just that because the state has enough money in that account to pay off the state's portion of the bonds twenty years early.    O'Driscoll is confident that will happen because that debt will then go away.  He says 10 years ago the legislature was looking at possible state revenue sources and e-pull tabs was brought up.  O'Driscoll explains things have worked out better than expected.

O'Driscoll and I also talked about the state's budget surplus.  He says his priority would be to remove the social security tax and isn't sold on budget surplus checks distributed to tax payers.  He says he could be interested in that option but it depends on what else is in the budget plan.

if you'd like to listen to my conversation with Tim O'Driscoll it is available below.



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