The real kicker is that it is technically summer down there. The weather in St. Cloud on the morning of Monday, January 10th is very similar to the weather Antarctica experienced at the same time.

St. Cloud's forecast for Monday from the National Weather Service reads:

Sunny and cold, with a high near 1. Wind chill values as low as -29. Wind Chill Advisory in effect until 12 PM.

A pretty cold start to the week, these frigid temperatures had me curious as to how they measured up to one of the coldest places on the planet.

I hit up the weather app on my iPhone to see the forecasts side by side. As you can see, there's a lot of similarity in those below zero numbers:

Weather App on iPhone via Abbey Minke
Weather App on iPhone via Abbey Minke

*For reference, these screen grabs are from 5:24 AM*

When the sun is setting in Antarctica, it's the same forecasted temperature as when it is coming up in the St. Cloud area. St. Cloud getts a little warmer today, but not by much. Our midday temps around 11 am match up with Antarctica's evening temperatures.

It looks like this cold snap in our area should be over after Monday, the rest of the week is projected to have daytime highs closer to 30. Much more manageable. Stay up to date with the forecast on our mobile app. And feel free to brag to your friends that you could survive in Antarctica-like temperatures.

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