Last Friday we had a listener email us about the amazing sidewalk chalk drawings she had found on a walk near Riverside Drive and Munsinger Gardens in St. Cloud. Becky Pelkey wrote to us saying:

On my walk on Riverside Ave near Munsinger Gardens I found these beautiful chalk drawings on the sidewalk.   A mystery artist is sharing their talent...I thought it was pretty cool and amazing u wanted to share!!!  People are so was so uplifting to see!

Since Becky writing to us on Friday, December 4th, the artist who created these amazing drawings has come forward and revealed themselves. MPR News shared that the artist behind the masked masterpieces was Karen Krey, an artist from St. Cloud who works with multiple different mediums.

Karen told MPR News that she did it to bring a smile to people’s faces during difficult times, and well as to serve as a reminder to mask up and not spread germs. She plans to make more of these masterpieces, weather permitting of course. As a teaser, she said it will probably be Andy Warhol’s painting of Marilyn Monroe, of course also wearing a face mask.

Thank you Karen for spreading some joy throughout the St. Cloud area through your incredible artwork. You have a true gift and I have my fingers crossed the weather holds out and we can see that Andy Warhol painting.

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