Here is a bright spot to go into the weekend with. A listener emailed us this morning sharing some true artwork that has been popping up on sidewalks in their St. Cloud neighborhood.

Becky Pelkey sent a message saying:

On my walk on Riverside Ave near Munsinger Gardens I found these beautiful chalk drawings on the sidewalk.   A mystery artist is sharing their talent...I thought it was pretty cool and amazing u wanted to share!!!  People are so was so uplifting to see!

We couldn't agree with you more Becky.

The mystery artist had drawn a couple of the most recognizable paintings in the world, with a slight 2020 twist. They recreated Leonardo DeVinci's Mona Lisa wearing a face mask, as well as Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, also masked up, out of sidewalk chalk.

Luckily there isn't any precipitation in the forecast for the next week or so, so hopefully these beautiful pieces of art can stick around and more people can appreciate them. And who knows, the mystery artist might continue to add to the sidewalk collection!

Thank you for sharing these with us Becky! You picked a really great route to walk, and I'm adding it to my to-see list for this weekend.

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