Early in 2018, the city of St. Cloud approved a Costco coming to the area, and sold them 18 acres of land near 2nd Street South and County Road 75. Over the past few months the wooded area on that land as been clear cut and leveled as crews make plans to start building the new store. Unfortunately part of the land sold is home to the St. Cloud Skate Plaza. The skate park has been around for the past 7 years, and now skaters in the area are wondering where they will be able to go now that Costco is coming.

Part of the plan for the money St. Cloud got from the sale is going toward relocating the park but no announcements have been made about it yet. A group of kids put together a video showcasing the park and how popular it is among St. Cloud residents. The goal is to help find a place for kids to skate while the new Costco is being built and their park is being "relocated". They are asking that any suggestions be emailed to Mayor Dave Kleis at dave.kleis@ci.stcloud.mn.us.

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