Whenever we hear about a recall, we try and think "do I have that in my cupboard? In my pantry, fridge?" This time it is a recall from a popular drink with kids that may have been purchased from Costco.

Costco is warning customers who purchased a certain Kool-Aid mix that batches of the product are being recalled over concerns that they might contain small fragments of metal or glass

Metal or Glass??!!  Well, that's not good!

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Costco is issuing the warning from Kool-Aid parent company, Kraft/Heinz regarding the large container of the Tropical Punch flavor.  This is the 82-ounce size and would have the expiration date or best when used by dates of August 31-September 1.  The year is not given, but I would venture a guess that it would be of next year, otherwise, what are you still doing with this product in your house?  Either way, if you do have it, throw it out. Or, you can return the product to Costco for a full refund.

It seems that there may have been small fragments of metal or glass may have been "introduced" to the product during the manufacturing process.

If you do have other questions, they have provided the number to call to the Kraft Heinz headquarters in Chicago.  The number is (855) 713-9237 and was provided on the Fox Business website regarding the recall alert.

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