While St. Cloud may not have a municipal pool for folks to swim in, there are a number of fun and expansive splash pads in the area for kids to cool off during the hot summer months. Not only that, the city has a trio of wading pools that are now open for the season!

The wading pools are located at Seberger Park, Rotary Park and Pantown Park. The Seberger Park location does charge a $2.25 fee to use the pool.

Splash pads are located at Riverside Park, Lake George and Westwood Park. The Riverside Park needed some maintenance but has been repaired and it ready for summer fun.

The Waite Park splash pad at River's Edge Park has been open for a couple of weeks now.

The Westwood splash pad is my kid's favorite one in the area because it is generally sparsely attended and he prefers to have full run of the area, as opposed to the bigger and more robust one in Waite Park, which tends to be more crowded.

Westwood will be open until 7 p.m. on Tuesday, as will the Riverside Park.

Sartell's Watab Park splash pad and Celebration wading pool are both open and will be open whenever the temperature is over 70 degrees (which in Minnesota is never guaranteed).

Cold Spring's splash pad also opened on Memorial Day weekend.

Every time we hop on the radio and ask what St. Cloud is missing, a community pool is number one on the list. Literally, every time. While there are no current plans to re-build the pool, we can at least be thankful for the splash pads to cool down (and wear out) the kiddos this summer in Central Minnesota.

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