You see it every day in St. Cloud, homeless panhandlers pushing shopping carts around town loaded with their belongings. What do they say if you ask where they got the cart?

For the record, I'd never ask any homeless person where they got their cart from. They've got it hard enough right now and are just trying to survive, and I feel for them. I am curious though, how they can push a shopping cart around that's obviously property of a store around the area without getting into trouble?

I can't imagine that you haven't seen this and wondered the same thing. It doesn't just happen in St. Cloud, it's all over the world, so I looked the topic up and oddly enough there's not much that law enforcement does about this.

Here's some responses on Reddit:

I honestly think there can be a better way to haul your stuff around then with a shopping cart. Have you ever tried to push one across a bumpy parking lot in the winter??? No thanks.

Have you ever seen the police confiscate a shopping cart from a homeless person? I'd be curious to know what they consider the St. Cloud law about this is.

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