Holiday budgets this year were not unaffected by inflation this year. Wallethub's annual survey of holiday budgets by the city revealed that St. Cloud's annual holiday budget per family is right around $1094 in 2022.

Budgets in years past:

2021: $1043

2020: $816

Wallethub determines these numbers based on five key metrics: 1) Income, 2) Age, 3) Debt-to-Income Ratio, 4) Monthly Income-to-Monthly Expenses Ratio and 5) Savings-to-Monthly Expenses Ratio. Out of the 558 cities in the study, St. Cloud was ranked as having the 256th highest holiday budget.

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Here is how St. Cloud stacked up budget-wise to other towns in Minnesota:

  • Bloomington - $1,584 ($1,512 last year)
  • Duluth - $1,263 ($733 last year)
  • Eagan - $2,357 ($2,166 last year)
  • Maple Grove - $2,707 ($2,577 last year)
  • Minneapolis - $1,403 ($1,301 last year)
  • Plymouth - $2,479 ($2,499 last year)
  • Rochester - $1,208 ($1,494 last year)
  • St. Paul - $1,341 ($807 last year)
  • Woodbury - $1,777 ($1,713 last year)

The biggest jumps were in Duluth and St. Paul. They finally jumped over the $1,000 threshold. Unfortunately, these dollar amounts most likely won't be going down anytime soon. Now is a good time to remind ourselves that Christmas isn't about the things under the tree, but the people we have around it with us.

Source: WalletHub

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