Ever wondered how anybody can survive for more than a few minutes outside when it's double digits below outside? Ask any of St. Cloud's homeless and your heart will break.

We see all types of homeless people in the St. Cloud area on any given corner every day, no matter how cold. We take for granted just how fortunate we are for being able to go home into a warm place when temps are unbearable. Sadly, our homeless don't have this luxury and nowhere to go where it's warm when temps are this cold.

Shelters around the area are packed to maximum capacity, and most of the lower budget hotels/motels in the area have homeless tenants who've been given a discounted rate to spend the night in shelter and a warm shower.

Those who have nowhere to go seek outdoor shelter where they can, away from the arctic winds, and only rely on warm clothing and blankets they have access to...hoping they survive the night without freezing to death. Sadly, there's many children in this scenario as well.

Here's what I'm try to do to help...

I've packed my vehicle with any heavier coats, shirts, pants, and blankets I no longer need. If I see somebody who could use anything, I simply hand it to them. It might be the difference in life and death here in Minnesota.

There's also a "GoFund Me" page setup to provide sleeping bags to Minnesota's homeless at https://www.gofundme.com/below-zero-sleeping-bags.

Minnesota has 15,000 homeless people and 6,000 of those are children. Let's all keep an open mind to help however we can to make any difference possible. You never know when you could be in that situation!

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