Tis the season!

We're finally (hopefully) clear of any more snow, and all the sunshine we've been blessed with is drying up the sloppy leftovers from April snow.

It's getting a little too dry, so the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has given an update on the fire hazards around the state. Most of central Minnesota has been given a "high" fire danger rating. That's not good! Check out the full map below.

Make sure your campfires, bonfires, grassfires, etc. are completely extinguished before leaving! If it's too hot to touch, it's too hot to leave unattended!


Speaking of fires, the entire state of Minnesota is under a burn restriction that requires a burning permit. Make sure you get the proper permits before making carcinogen of those leaf piles!

While you're getting your burning permit, make sure you get a fishing license, too! The opener is coming up!

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