Love the outdoors and want to make some extra cash right before the holidays?  This could be perfect for you!  Extra cash is always good.  But right now before the holidays is even better.  Put it towards that holiday gift fund or just keep it for yourself.

Most important is that you'll be helping the environment.  The Minnesota DNR, the Department of Natural Resources, is looking for people to collect tree cones and seeds. The DNR's website says that they rely heavily on the public to maintain the seed supply and that, "the seeds and cones you collect play a crucial role in the reforestation of state forests, parks, schools, and private lands across the state."

Photo by Apaha Spi on Unsplash
Photo by Apaha Spi on Unsplash

The website has an interactive map showing the seed and cone collection locations.  You can click on the one in the area you want to collect in, get the contact information, and they say to call first and find out which seeds and cones they are in need of.

Photo by: Dale Nibbe on Unsplash
Photo by: Dale Nibbe on Unsplash

Right now they are in dire need of Black Spruce Cones and they have a video for you to watch to find out how to collect those cones.  But they also need many other types.

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  • Check the interactive map for a cone collection site near you.
  • Call first to see what they need.
  • Check the price list.  Price differs according to species. Prices range from $20 to $150 per bushel.
  • Check regulations before collecting. Some areas may require a permit, others will not.
  • Follow seed collecting guidlines.
  • Tips, videos, pricing and maps are all available from the DNR HERE.

This could be a great way to spend the day out in nature with the whole family or a group of friends.  Happy cone and seed hunting!

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