The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Eaglecam is now streaming for the 2021 nesting season.

Right now, there is little activity at/near the nest with our famous pair.  When the cam came on this morning, the female was at the nest, however, so this is great news!  The resident male hasn’t been seen much by the photographers in the area, but this isn’t unusual.  Will he come back?  Will another male take over?  It is hard to tell, but the female is keeping watch over her territory, so expect for things to get eggciting!

I spent a lot of last spring watching the eagle cam. It was a welcome distraction at the start of COVID with everything being shut down. I constantly had it playing in the background, patiently waiting to see a baby eagle peek out from under the wing of a parent.

My family had a pair of eagles that nested on our hunting land for a long time until the nest fell down in a storm a handful of years ago. It was always cool to have an opportunity to see one, or get squawked at if you were sitting in the deer stand that was "too close" to their home. My mom recently told me that there have been some eagles around the area again, but wasn't sure of their nesting situation. For now I'll have to watch the DNR camera to get my eagle fix.

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