A Minnesota Lakes Foundation took to social media over the weekend to remind people NOT to throw rocks from the shoreline out onto the ice. It's a problem that seems to occur throughout lakes country, and it can seriously affect the lakeshore long term if the problem isn't corrected.

If you think this is cute or clever, DREAM ON.

Educate yourself, your children, and someone else's children.

Riprap has a very important job in our Prairie Lake ecosystem. We see this every year....time to STOP!

The Lakes Foundation of Albert Lea took to social media this weekend to remind parents and residents that throwing the riprap out onto the ice doesn't help anything, and can hurt the lakeshore long term by allowing high flood waters to strip the sediment from the shore.

According to AyresAssociates.com "Riprap is used where a structure or shoreline is continuously exposed to rushing water:

  • Along a lake, shoreline to limit erosion associated with wave action.
  • Along the outer bank of a river bend, dissipating the force of the water against the bank.
  • Near bridges along embankments and adjacent to supports in waterways.

Erosion can compromise bridges, wash out adjacent roadways, or cause loss of property; preventing erosion helps to keep the public safe."

If you've got kids or grandkids, let them know what those rocks on the shore are for, and why it's important not to throw them out onto the ice.

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Just think about it, once the ice starts to thaw and the rocks drop through, you just made the lake bottom less comfortable to walk on.

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