It's [copyrighted college basketball national event that takes place in the 3rd month of the year and is purported to be pretty crazy] tournament time! I'm not much of a sports fan if I'm not part of the event in a vocal capacity (public address announcer), so let's change it up and swap out college basketball teams with classic rockers.

I wanted to do a big 64-band tournament, but was told absolutely no because I "don't have the needed attention span" and I "get bored too easily and move onto something else shiny", so I pre-pissed off classic rock fans by narrowing the field down to 16 teams/bands/artists.

Classic Rock Spring Insanity Tournament

If you're reading this, that means the company's lawyers haven't released the hounds on me...which means that there's no reason to apologize because I forgot to ask permission.

Morning show jocks, I tell ya...

Have a gander at the hastily-designed tournament bracket below.


All it took was part of one YouTube video to do that. Not bad, eh?

To get the number of bands narrowed down and somewhat organized, I divided it into "divisions" of where the band is based.

Since that one tournament that this is ripped off from based off of consists of teams from the United States (save for one Canadian college that I'm ignoring), I'm only including bands based in the United States. So no Black Sabbath, no Rush, no Def Leppard, etc.

Who moves on to the Incredible Eight? The F@$ing Awesome Four? Who are the champions, other than Queen?

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