Over the past few years, have you had the sniffles on occasion, and thought to yourself, this could be considered a covid symptom. Do I stay home today? Or do I wait and see what happens and go to work anyway?

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I'll be honest. I've been in this position many times. Every year, I seem to get allergy symptoms like a runny nose and cough because of it. No fever, no aches and chills. But today, we are in a different place. I've taken Covid tests and they've all come back negative.

I typically order my groceries to be delivered to my house. I'm around the other individuals that live in my house. I usually see my parents at their farm on Sundays, I have gone to see the Vikings play, and The Wild.  I play music once every couple of weeks, but I'm typically away from the crowds, and off by myself playing music in the corner, and other than that, I sit in a studio with one other person for work for the first part of my day, and I'm alone in a different studio for the second part of my day.


I've been vaccinated and boostered. but after my booster shot, I didn't realize that the symptoms I would have from that, would be spot on with most of the Covid symptoms that people experience.  Even though I took a Covid test at home while I was feeling ill and it came back negative, the symptoms are still there, so now I'm working from home indefinitely until I get a negative Covid result from my most recent test. There is the possibility that it will be positive...right?  This time the symptoms were different; enough for me to think that it 'could' be something worse.

For me, I have the guilt of dropping all this extra work on my co-workers, for what I think is just a reaction to a booster. But the fact is; I don't know for sure. So I'm staying away and doing the best I can working from home. It definitely makes it harder to do my job, and there are parts of it that I absolutely cannot do until I'm back in the office.

I also realize that there are a lot of people that absolutely cannot afford to miss one day of work, because they don't have sick leave built up, or their employer can't afford to pay them while they are not working, or they work minimum wage and rent has to be paid.

It's a real problem. For this reason, I don't judge people for going to work if they don't feel well.  Some people can't make it without that paycheck. That's the bottom line. They live in a pandemic state every day of their lives, and I don't care what you say, some people are NOT capable of advancing like others, so we just have to accept that people are in difficult situations way beyond what's happening with the pandemic.

The other part is; businesses can't make it without their employees. I feel like throwing my hands up in the air. What's the answer?

I think you have to assume that everyone already has Covid. If you are concerned about catching it, YOU need to protect yourself. Wear a mask, stay 6 feet away. Go out as little as possible. If you are going to get a shot, or a booster shot, you need to plan it for a time when you know you'll be off of work, such as the weekend, or if you have a two or three-day stretch.  Wash your cloth masks every day if you can, and do the best you can. The best is going to be different for everyone.


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