SURPRISE SURPRISE're minding your own business. You work at a hospital. You go into a room to grab some medications out of a medication bin. You open the bin and find not only the medication you were searching for, but also a great big snake, all curled up.

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What do you do? Do you freak out? Do you kill it? Do you scream?  A snake was found in a Minnesota hospital recently, according to a man in west Thief River Falls who says he helped remove the snake from the hospital.

The snake was unharmed, and no one was hurt. It was a non venomous Red Bellied Snake. Its expected that the snake made it's way in through vents and was just looking for a nice warm place to sleep...which he obviously found. The snake was released back into the wild.


I once was vacuuming my basement when I lived in Kentucky. We had a recording studio and my oldest son was just a little boy. He had a bunch of plastic snakes, frogs, dinosaurs and other toys laying around the basement.

I had a rainbow vacuum cleaner at the time, and when I went to empty the water container, I found that I had sucked up one of his little black toy snakes with a yellow ring around it's neck.

I though to myself, "Hmmm...I don't remember this toy snake?" I took a really close look and it stuck it's tongue out at me. I screamed....dropped the container...and proceeded to take it outside to the creek.

Tell me about your critter experiences....send them to and we just might share YOUR story on the air.


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