According to, these are the eleven locations in St. Cloud where you are most likely to get a speeding ticket. 

  • 1

    8th Street near 16th Avenue

    St. Cloud, Minnesota

    "National Guard parking lot." -

  • 2

    Clearwater Road near LaSalle Avenue

    St. Cloud, Minnesota

    "They hide back in the commercial driveways and get cha. it's only 30 MPH." -

  • 3

    Highway 10 Going West Leaving City Perimeter

    St. Cloud, Minnesota

    "Leaving St. Cloud going West on Highway 10 cops are on top of bridges reading anything above 70 mph. You will get a ticket for 10 mph above the limit regardless of going with the flow (+70 mph)." -

  • 4

    Highway 10 near Highway 15

    St. Cloud, Minnesota

    "Just where Hwy 15 and Hwy 10 come together north of Saint Cloud state troopers sit in a little gully just to the west of the intersection." -

  • 5

    Highway 10 near County Road 33 Bypass

    St. Cloud, Minnesota

    "Between County Road 33 Bypass and East Saint Germain Street lights. Be cautious the posted speed limit is 65 mph, It is wise to maintain a max speed of 70 mph." -

  • 6

    West St. Germain Street near 33rd South Avenue

    St. Cloud, Minnesota

    "This popular stretch behind Wal-Mart is a big speed trap. Cops know this is a short cut to avoid the traffic lights on 2nd Street. I have seen them sitting at Pladsen Realty or by the strip mall practically every time I pass through." -

  • 7

    3rd North Street near Gas Station Behind Crossroads Mall

    St. Cloud, Minnesota

    "The police sit in the parking lot of the gas station behind crossroads mall." -

  • 8

    7th Street near 10th Avenue

    St. Cloud, Minnesota

    "The police like to sit in the parking lot of Discovery School to watch for speeders. Usually when school is out but I have seen them while school is in as well." -

  • 9

    County Trunk 4 near County Trunk 2

    St. Cloud, Minnesota

    "Officer sits in parking area of electrical substation, facing road, can cover both directions." -

  • 10

    County Road 4 near The Northern City Limit

    St. Cloud, Minnesota

    "Squad cars will sit either in the church parking lot or on a side road behind trees and bushes. Both directions are vulnerable." -

  • 11

    12th Street North at Middle School

    St. Cloud, Minnesota

    "Unit sits in Middle School parking lot... watches both directions, but favors westbound traffic." -

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