This week listeners expressed concerns about people driving too fast. These complaints were in regards to people driving too fast in town. Are people in too much of a hurry, do they care less about others and does the pandemic have anything to do with the reasons for the impatience?   Locations specifically mentioned include along 25th Avenue South and County Road 75/Roosevelt Road.  Listen to this caller's story


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Is drag racing going on in St. Cloud?  One listener thinks so.  He says he hears it every night on the North side of town.


Listeners also expressed concern over law enforcement looking for speeders saying they aren't seeing police officers enough. I am seeing police presence throughout town with regular patrolling in the locations I frequent. Does that mean people aren't drive over the speed limit around me?  No... I see plenty of drivers going more than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit during early morning hours on my way to work.  I also almost was hit by someone driving through a red light on Lincoln Ave. and Highway 23 this week.

Other topics discussed on WJON's 2-Cent Tuesday included the investigation into the January 6th United State Capitol breach, Covid-19 numbers, the heat, drought, watering policies and practices, the Olympic games and the struggles of the Minnesota Twins.

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