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The Voice 2018 wrapped up last night. Only two of my predictions were correct. Britt Buchanan took 2nd place, and Spensha Baker took 4th; But Kyla Jade, the most experienced singer of the bunch, left The Voice with 3rd place honors, and Brynn Cartelli was the youngest contestant to ever win The Voice. I put her in 3rd place.

In my book, anyone who makes the final 4, is a star. So hats off to all of these Contestants.  They put their lives on hold for several weeks to chase their musical dreams.


Here's my beef. The Voice used to have two prizes: A cash prize of $100,000 and a recording contract. Quietly, they've done away with the cash prize of $100,000. What's up with that?!


Could it be that the winner being chosen is more about the coaches? Newcomer Kelly Clarkson needed a win for her first season? Heaven forbid that Blake Shelton get ANOTHER win!  Kyla may have made a mistake being on Blake's Team. I think you might have to play your cards right to win this show. Talent alone, just like in any business, isn't enough.

We here about the incredible amounts of money that are paid out to the judges, the host. How about the back up band and singers, the network.  In the big scheme of things, $100,000 sounds like a ten dollar bill. Why in the world would you take that away from the winner? The winner will need that money to look the part; drive, fly or organize themselves to hire a manager, a band, a sound system; without a little cash in pocket, it's pretty tough to make a go of it.  Just like in real life, they are taking the opportunity to put it to the talent who make the show what it is.


I realize that the each Contestant receives s stipend for basically room and board while they are on the show, but we all know what happens to most of the Contestants once they leave the show. We rarely hear much come from the recording contract, and lets face it; who gets money from the contract? NOT the Artist.  I'm really disappointed that they made that move.

Will people still watch? Yes. Will people still try out for The Voice? Yes.  It's just the principle of the whole thing. Give us the dream~ We all want to see the winner walk away with something!  Maybe Kelly, Adam, Alicia, and Blake can dish some of their earnings her way. How bout it guys?  They KNOW what' its like out there. I'm very disappointed in that decision.

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