It's the day after Daylight Saving time ended for the year and everything is just a mess. My phone is just as confused as I am. Is anyone else's phone glitching out jumping ahead an hour and then going back to the normal time, or is it just mine?

Every clock is wrong, and it's giving me a panic attack. Yesterday morning I changed my kitchen clocks immediately, but not everyone else changed theirs. My mom's clock was off yesterday and so were the clocks at work.

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I got into my car today and felt my heart skip a beat when it suggested I was an hour late for work. Then, I remembered I forgot to change the car clock.

I have this growing distrust for any and all clocks today. It's creating a sense of paranoia.

Why do we even have Daylight Saving time? I read up on the history and all, and it just doesn't seem like it does a whole lot of good in 2019. I think we should get rid of the time change altogether. For the little bit of extra sleep we get in November, it's not worth the headache that follows.