The U.S. Senate voted unanimously to make daylight saving time permanent on March 15.  This would eliminate switching our clocks twice a year. The bill still needs approval from the House and it would need to be signed by the President.

The U.S. House hasn't moved as quickly as expected on voting for the bill. 6th District Congressman Tom Emmer says he agrees with the Senate vote and would vote for making daylight saving time permanent when the vote comes before the house.

Tom Emmer says with all the things going on in the world like the war in Ukraine, high gas prices and inflation it seems weird congress is focusing on daylight saving time. Emmer says the policies of President Biden has led to the high rate of inflation the country is seeing and the sharp increase in gas prices.

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Emmer says prior to Joe Biden taking office the country was energy independent and that isn't the case anymore.  He says the country needs to get back to energy independence.

Congressman Emmer would also like to see the Biden Administration help the Ukraine more in their conflict with Russia by supplying the Ukraine with better defense weapons.  Emmer referred to Russia's Vladimir Putin as a "crazy dictator" and a "war criminal.

If you'd like to listen to my full conversation with Tom Emmer it is available below.



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