Daylight saving time officially ends on Sunday. This means, you'll be rewinding your clock back an hour on Sunday morning at 2 a.m. While some people love the extra hour of sleep, it's a total nightmare for others. I'm really not sure why we still follow daylight saving time anymore.

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1. Your sleep cycle gets all messed up. You'll be tired an hour early, but you'll feel like it's too soon for bed.

2. You'll be confused all day long. Honestly, it's a nightmare. You don't realize how many clocks you have in your home and car until you're having to change them all and second guess whether it's the right time.

3. Your kid's bedtime routine is shot. This is probably the worst one of all. Kids don't understand our weird adult systems. They know they're tired when they're tired and they're not tired when they're not. Have fun.

4. It's dark when you get to work and when you leave work now. Yeah, have fun with that one. You'll feel like a vampire until spring.

5. Eating is awkward. You'll feel like eating dinner at 4 p.m. but you'll tell yourself you need to wait until 5 p.m. Or, you just start eating at 4 p.m. for now on until life is over. I think that's how you become a grandparent...

6. You play pretend with yourself for a week. 'I should be done with work already, because it's really like 5 o'clock', when it's clearly only 4 p.m. now and there's no way that logic works on your boss.

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