There are some roads in the St. Cloud city limits that seem to be under where they should be according to how traffic runs on a daily basis.

This road in particular is University Drive. It runs from Roosevelt Road all the way to the quarry south of St. Cloud State University. It's 30 mph the entire way. It's a two lane road for most of the way, and people go on average about 40 mph. I travel on that road daily. If you are someone who is going the posted speed limit of 30mph, you are essentially in the way. People will go around you, which is fine...because you are going the speed limit. But on the other hand it's like you are holding people up by being a law abiding citizen. It's almost like peer pressure.

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If you take some of the other roads that are two lanes, or 4 lanes if you include both sides of the road, they are generally 35mph. I'm talking a road like Division, which also has several side streets where people are entering and exiting  Third street does change to 30 with two lanes in Waite Park when you are near Crossroads Mal.  That one also has the majority of people not abiding by the posted speed limit either.

There doesn't seem to be that many accidents on these roads due to speed  There may be some due to people running red lights, or not paying attention. But there doesn't seem to be too many due to speed.  Although I don't have that exact data accessible, that could be inaccurate.  But I don't think so.

So, with that said... should the city of St. Cloud consider raising the speed limit on 4 lane roads in the city limits to at least 35mph?

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